Thanks for hosting such a good event and having me present there.

Nikunj Bubna - Founder & CEO Whatsextraa

I must congratulate you and the entire team of STIR and Scaale for the amazing event.

Ashwin Shetty - CEO Comfort Products

Congratulations for a fantastic session of STIR - 2016! We had very valuable inputs during the sessions and I thank your team for the same.

Pratik Hakay - CEO Greetude Energy

Thanks it was a wonderful event for sure, heartiest congratulations to CBA and Scaale for hosting the same.

Ruchi Garg - Co-Founder & CEO Venue look

It was a great experience being at the Startup India Rocks finale.

Jayaraj Poroor - CEO Energimate

I am glad that I and my company could be a part of CBA.

Kumar Ranjan - Founder & CEO Raamukaaka

We found useful to participate in the event. During the event we learned that a few potential investors were interested to meet us.

Sanjay Kumar - Co Founder GOZO CABS

Thanks a ton for the wonderful event. It was good for networking, some eye opening stuff and also I met some great guys meet us

Capt Venky - Co-Founder Expertonsite

It was really beneficial to be there at Startup India Rocks 2016 event. All the sessions added value in terms of enriching knowledge and to have broad spectrum of vision.

Aarty Kale - Probit Plus

The event was a great help for us and i hope you guys have had a well deserved rest!!!to meet us

Karandeep Bhalla - Co Founder and COO at Pastel Dreams

It was a great event and organized well. I got a very good insights into various aspects and thank you for hosting us as well. Every pitching gives us more insights and we get better.

Arumuganainar Ramaswamy - Founder & CEO, The Design Sense

Thank You very much for inviting us the the Startup India Rocks 2016 summit, it was indeed an inspiring event

Aayush Zanzari - CFO & Project Head, BollyWoo

It was a good learning exposure for us.

Puneet Bhatia - Founder & CEO Tastecart

The event was great and we are one our way back.we enjoyed presenting at the event. I appreciate all the hard work you and your team.

Nikhil deshpande - Founder & CEO, DoctorFromHome

Thanks for having us! It was a very well organised event. Kudos to yourself and the team.

Rahul Maheshwari - Co- founder, Levo

Thank you for hosting us the the event. It was an enriching experience indeed.

yourself and the team

Pranjal Vatsa - Founder & CEO, Speque

Thank you so much for having us over. The event was well organized and some of the startups who presented were interesting.

John Kuruvilla - Chief Mentor, Brigade REAP

It was a well-organized event & we met some really interesting Startups.

Apul Nahata - Mentor-in-Residence, Brigade REAP

Thank you again for the great event you guys pulled off in Bengaluru! We met many great startups and investors.

Ardo Mardisoo - Onboarding Director at Funderbeam

Kudos to the Scaale team, hosted a well-executed event.

Jimmy Kuruvila - Founder at Primofonte Technologies (

Just wanted to say a big thank you from everyone here at Oswald Foundation.

Anand Chowdhary - Founder at Oswald Foundation

Let me congratulate STIR team for a fantastic conference.

Bineet Desai - Cofounder & CFO at Superfan.AI

Thank you for the opportunity, the event was very well executed.

Balram Nair - Vice President at The Chennai Angels

The event was well organized with good quality startups. Truly appreciate the team's efforts.

Jayaroopa J - Principal at Unitus Impact